Note: This web site is only kept up to date for OSG Software 1.2 (VDT 2.0.0). If you are looking for information for the most recent release, the RPM-based OSG Software 3.0, please see the OSG documentation web site

Note: This version of the VDT (1.2.4) is no longer supported. Feel free to look through the documentation and install it, but we cannot guarantee support for it. The current stable release is 2.0.0.

CA Certificates in the VDT

General Information

Starting with VDT 1.2.3, the VDT team updates the VDT CA certificate package independently of the rest of the VDT. When updates are announced, follow the instructions below to get them.

To find out what VDT version you have:

$ vdt-version | head -1
You have installed a subset of VDT version 1.2.4:

To find out what version of the VDT-distributed CA certificates you have:

$ vdt-version | grep -i certificates
    CA Certificates v14 (includes IGTF 1.2 CAs)

Updating CA Certificates from VDT 1.2

It is possible — but not recommended — to update the CA certificates using a single command from the $VDT_LOCATION directory:

$ pacman -update DOE-EDG-Certificates

Doing so will install new and updated certificates but will not remove certificate files from your installation directory that have been removed from the VDT distribution.

To perform the recommended clean update, use the following sequence of commands from the $VDT_LOCATION directory:

$ source
$ pacman -remove DOE-EDG-Certificates
** Warning: Package ... is missing dependents ['DOE-EDG-Certificates']
$ pacman -remove CA-Certificates-Base
CERTS can't be removed because it was never added.
** Warning: Package ... is missing dependents ['DOE-EDG-Certificates']
$ cd globus/share
$ cat ../../vdt/etc/package_data/CA-Certificates-Base.filelist | xargs /bin/rm -f
$ cd ../..
$ pacman -get DOE-EDG-Certificates
Fetching [CA-Certificates-Base] from []...
Fetching [DOE-EDG-Certificates] from []...

CAs in DOE-EDG-Certificates v66

View the contents of a different release:

Hash Description Contact
09ff08b7CNRS-Projets I
0a12b607UGrid - Ukraine I
0a2bac92Brazil - BrGrid I
0a49430aDZeScience I
10718cbaCILogon I
1149214eGermany - DFN-GridGermany-Root I
11b4a5a2Portugal - LIPCA I
163af95cCNRS2 I
1691b9baTurkey - TRGrid I
169d7f9cTERENAeSciencePersonalCA I
16da7552The Netherlands - NIKHEF I
1b6f5edeUKeScienceCA-2A I
1c3f2ca8USA - DOE Grids I
1d879c6cCERN-TCA I
1e12d831APAC I
1e43b9ccIreland - Grid-Ireland I
1f0e8352Nordic countries - NorduGrid I
1f3834d0RomanianGRID - Romania I
20ce830eTERENA-eScience-SSL-CA I
2418a3f3BG-ACAD (Bulgarian Academic CA) I
24c3ccdeUNAM Grid - Mexico I
2694e4f2DigiCertGridRootCA-Root I
28a58577Greece - HellasGrid (Root 2006) I
295adc19Chile - REUNA CA I
2a237f16Baltic States - Baltic Grid CA I
2ac09305TACC MICS I
2f3fadf6INFN I
3232b9bcMREN - Montenegro I
367b75c3UK eScience CA 2007 I
38f7145fDigiCertGridTrustCA-Classic I
393f7863Serbia - AEGIS I
3c58f906AddTrust-External-CA-Root I
3d5be7bcSlovenia - SiGNET CA I
3f0f4285Venezuela - ULAGrid CA I
71a89a47NCHC I
468d15b3Balkans - SeeGrid I
4798da47HKU I
4b2783acPSC-Myproxy-CA I
55994d72Russia - RDIG I
5cf9d536QuoVadis-Root-CA1 I
5e15f3bdSWITCHslcs2011 I
617ff41bJapan - KEK I
679cff61NCSA-tfca I
684261aaUS - TACC Root I
69105f4fDigiCertAssuredIDRootCA-Root I
6e3b436bAustria - AustrianGrid I
6fee79b0Israel - IUCC I
709bed08BYGCA I
722e5071Korea - KISTI 2007 I
742edd45Latvia - LatGrid I
74c6eaebHIAST I
75680d2eAAACertificateServices I
7b54708eMorocco: MAGrid CA I
7d0d064aMARGI - Macedonia I
82b36fcaGreece - HellasGrid (2006) I
8a047de1NECTEC GOC I
8a661490Poland - PolishGrid I
98ef0ee5UK eScience Root CA 2007 I
99f9f5a3FNAL SLCS I
9b95bbf2USA - NCSA MICS I
9cd75e87Academia Sinica Grid CA 2007 I
9dd23746pkIRISGRID I
9ec3a561UTNAAAClient I
9ff26ea4MD-Grid I
a02131f7DFN-SLCS I
a317c467Japan - AIST I
a87d9192Japan - NAREGI I
a9082267Latin American and Caribbean Catch-all Grid CA I
afe55e66Cyprus - CyGrid I
b2771d44China - CNIC Grid CA I
b3222f9eJUnet - Jordan I
b7bcb7b2Argentina - UNPL Grid CA I
ba2f39caChina - IHEP I
bffbd7d0GridCanada I
ce33db76IRAN-GRID I
c48c63f3China - CNIC SDG CA I
c7a717ceDigiCertGridCA-1-Classic I
cc800af0Hungary - NIIF I
d0c2a341Armenia - ArmeSFo I
d0b701c0SWITCHGrid Root I
d11f973eCNRS2-Grid-FR I
d1b603c3US - ESnet Root I
d254cc30CERN-ROOT I
d33760ecMYIFAM I
da75f6a8Indian Grid CA I
dc75341fNICS-MyProxy I
dd4b34eaGermany - GermanGrid I
e13e0fcfSlovakia - SlovakGrid I
e5cc84c2US - TACC Root I
e72045ceSWITCH-QuoVadis-Grid-ICA I
e8ac4b61NCSA GridShib CA I
e8d818e6BEGrid2008 I
edca0fc0CESNET-CA-Root I
f2e89fe3USA - NCSA SLCS I
fc1898ecUniandesCA I
f5ead794PK-Grid-2007 I
ff783690AddTrust-External-CA-Root I
ff94d436Croatia - SRCE I
ffc3d59bUKeScienceCA-2B I