Note: This web site is only kept up to date for OSG Software 1.2 (VDT 2.0.0). If you are looking for information for the most recent release, the RPM-based OSG Software 3.0, please see the OSG documentation web site

Note: This version of the VDT (1.2.4) is no longer supported. Feel free to look through the documentation and install it, but we cannot guarantee support for it. The current stable release is 2.0.0.


The MonaLisa configuration script is located in:


It allows the user to interactively answer questions that are important to properly configuring the MonaLisa server. Even though VDT creates a working MonaLisa configuration by default, "getting it right" is non-trivial. Therefore it is highly recommended that you run this script before using MonaLisa.

Here is the list of questions the script will ask the user:


MonaLisa will run as user: ckireyev
to change that, re-run as root

  This is the name you will be seen by the world, so please choose
a name that represents you. Make sure this name is unique in the 
MonaLisa environment.

Please specify the farm name []: MyGreatBigFarm

Please enter your contact name (your name) [ckireyev]: Carey Kireyev

Contact email (your email) []:

City (server's location) []: Madison

Country []: USA

  You can find some aproximate values for your geographic location from:
or you can search your location on Google

Location latitude (-180..180) [0]: 45
Location logitude (-180..180) [0]: 78

Do you want to enable Ganaglia support (y/n)? [y]y

  On which host is Ganglia Running? [localhost]:
  On which port is Ganglia running? [8649]: 

Do you want to enable VO_Modules support (y/n)? [y]: y
  Please specify Globus location: [/opt/vdt/globus]: 
  Please specify CONDOR location: [/opt/vdt/condor]: 
  Please specify PBS location: []: 
  Please specify LSF location: []: 

Do you want to enable the auto-update feature support (y/n)? [n]n

Do you want to automatically start MonaLisa daemon with inetd (y/n)? [y]n

Please review the information:

MonaLisa user: ckireyev 
Farm name: MyGreatBigFarm
Name: Carey Kireyev
City: Madison
Country: USA
Latitude: 45
Longitude: 78
Ganglia: y (
VO_Modules: y
Globus location: /opt/vdt/globus
Condor location: /opt/vdt/condor
LSF location: 
PBS location: 
Auto-update: n
Start with inetd: n

Is this information correct (y/n)? [n]: 

The script can be re-run multiple times. Old answers are remembered and displayed as defaults, so there is no need to re-type them next time you run the script.