Note: This web site is only kept up to date for OSG Software 1.2 (VDT 2.0.0). If you are looking for information for the most recent release, the RPM-based OSG Software 3.0, please see the OSG documentation web site

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Software Version 2.0.0p0 Version 2.0.0p12
Apache HTTPD 2.2.11 2.2.13
Berkeley Storage Manager (BeStMan)
Condor/Condor-G 7.2.3 7.2.4
Condor Cron For OSG-RSV 7.2.3 7.2.4
dCache 2.2.8 (Based on dCache 1.8.0-15p8) 2.4.4 (Based on dCache 1.9.5-8)
Generic Information Provider 1.1.1 1.1.5
Grid File Access Library (GFAL) 1.10.11-1 1.11.9-1
glexec-osg 0.6.7 (glexec, lcas and lcmaps 0.6.5 0.6.7
Gratia Condor Probe 1.02.1-5 1.04.4d-1
Gratia Glexec Probe 1.02.1-5 1.04.4d-1
Gratia GridFTP Probe 1.02.1-5 1.04.4d-1
Gratia LSF Probe 1.02.1-5 1.04.4d-1
Gratia Metric Probe 1.02.1-5 1.04.4d-1
Gratia PBS Probe 1.02.1-5 1.04.4d-1
Gratia Reporting 1.02.1 1.04.4
Gratia Services 1.02.1 1.04.4
Gratia SGE Probe 1.02.1-5 1.04.4d-1
GUMS 1.3.14 1.3.17
Java 5 SDK 1.5.0_18 1.5.0_21
Java 6 SDK 1.6.0_13 1.6.0_16
LCG Utils 1.6.11-1p1 1.7.6-1
LCG File Catalog Client 1.7.2-4
LCG File Catalog Server 1.7.2-4
Network Path and Application Diagnosis Client --- 1.5.5
OSG Match Maker 0.5 0.7
OSG Resource and Service Validation (RSV) 3.0-rc-3 3.1.1
OSG Site Web Page Generator --- 1.1
PyLint --- 0.18.1
pyOpenSSL module --- 0.9
SRM Berkeley Client
SRM Berkeley (V2) Tester
Subversion --- 1.6.2
Apache Tomcat 5.5.27 5.5.28
UberFTP 2.2 2.4
VOMS Admin 2.0.14-1 2.0.15-1
Xrootd 20080828-1632 20091028-1003
XrootdFS 2.0 3.0rc3

Release Notes

Changes from 2.0.0p0 to 2.0.0p1

  1. Added the Network Path and Application Diagnosis (NPAD) Client. The NPAD server will be added in a future patch. (VDT ticket 4400)
  2. There is now a configuration script for MyProxy that does basic configuration. It doesn't do quite everything yet, but another update in the near future will complete it. At this point, MyProxy can be controlled by vdt-control.
  3. Improved the vdt-postinstall script. Added more command line options, output and debugging. (VDT ticket 5397)
  4. Fixed some minor warnings in our configure scripts. (VDT ticket 2847)

Full 2.0.0p1 release notes

Changes from 2.0.0p1 to 2.0.0p2

  1. Updated glexec to 0.5.36 to address a security issue.
  2. Fixed spurious warnings in vdt-post-install when there are no post-install steps.
  3. The VDT Updater is more forgiving when validating user input, and allows you to try again after a mistake instead of just quitting.

Full 2.0.0p2 release notes

Changes from 2.0.0p2 to 2.0.0p3

  1. Fixed a bug that prevented configuration of OSG-RSV (VDT ticket 5390)
  2. Updated GIP from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2. (VDT ticket 5438)
  3. Updated Bestman, SRM-Client-LBNL, and SRM-Tester-LBNL to to fix many bugs. (VDT ticket 5449)
  4. Updated GUMS-Service and GUMS-Client to 1.3.15 to fix bugs (VDT ticket 5450)
  5. Extended the VDT-Client package (which is the basis for the OSG client package) and the OSG-CE package so that they include the clients for NDT, NPAD, BWCTL, and OWAMP. These are network diagnostic tools that were added in VDT 2.0.0p0 (the initial release). They were requested by ATLAS, and it is desired that they are widely available so that when they are network problems, tools that can help the diagnosis are readily available. (VDT ticket 4400)
  6. The BWCTL and OWAMP packages now set the MANPATH in the environment so their man pages can be found.
  7. Updated the VDT System Profiler to include some OSG configuration and installation information.
  8. The osg-supported-vo-list.txt now uses the lower case name (instead of the mixed case name) and is sorted alphabetically, as suggested by John Weigand. (VDT ticket 5437)
  9. The VDT updater prints a small note into the vdt-install.log, so it is clear what changes were caused by the VDT updater.
  10. The vdt-ca-manage usage statement and POD have been updated to be more consistent with other documentation. (VDT ticket 5446)

Full 2.0.0p3 release notes

Changes from 2.0.0p3 to 2.0.0p4

  1. Updated OSG-RSV to 3.0-rc-6.
    • This is a large update that should fix many of the probe and setup problems that have been seen on ITB sites.
    • Added the Subversion package, which is now a requirement for OSG-RSV.
  2. Tomcat fixes:
    • Improved Tomcat's init script to not cache DNS hostname/IP pairs forever, but only for five minutes. This means that Tomcat does not need to be restarted to help Cemon or GUMS find servers when their IP addresses change. (For example, GUMS used to need restarting when a VOMS server would change.) (VDT ticket 4646)
    • Fixed a minor error in Tomcat's init script (ITB ticket 58)
  3. Fixed a problem with Bestman's installation which caused a failure if a certificate was not found at install time.
  4. Fixed VDT-Logrotate to not lose configuration during updates. (VDT ticket 5170)
  5. Improved the OSG-Site-Web-Page scripts, and renamed them. (VDT ticket 5447)
  6. Added a --gums-host command line option to configure_gums (VDT ticket 5481)
  7. Set LFC tools to unsupported on SuSE-9/ia64. (This won't be visible to most end-users.)
  8. Improved the output of the VDT system profiler

Full 2.0.0p4 release notes

Changes from 2.0.0p4 to 2.0.0p5

  1. Updated UberFTP to 2.4 UberFTP Release Notes (VDT ticket 5128)
  2. Updated XrootdFS (VDT ticket 5493)
  3. Updated gums-host-cron (by updating to GUMS 1.3.16) and edg-mkgridmap: they no longer require osg-attributes.conf to be present in order to generate the osg-vo-map, and they now know about the new location for files in the osg directory instead of the monitoring directory. (VDT ticket 5462)
  4. Updated Bestman and SRM-Client-LBNL from to This is a bug fix release. (VDT ticket 5503)
  5. Upgraded Condor and Condor Cron from 7.2.3 to 7.2.4. This addresses a bug that particularly affected OSG installations at Brookhaven. Condor 7.2.4 Release Notes (VDT ticket 5504)
  6. Upgraded the Gratia probes from 1.02.1-5 to 1.04-1. Among other changes, they added the ability to bundle multiple Gratia records into a single push to the Gratia collector. The configuration file format was also tweaked. (VDT ticket 5501)
  7. Upgraded Gratia Services/Reporting to 1.04.3 (VDT ticket 5186)
  8. Upgraded the OSG Matchmaker from 0.5 to 0.7. Also fixed a bug that prevented it from being installed. 0.7 release notes (VDT ticket 5514)
  9. Upgraded the Generic Information Provider from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3. This fixes a few minor bugs. (VDT ticket 5515)
  10. Condor and Condor-Cron avoid using /tmp for lock files is possible. This reduces the disk of the lock file being deleted by an automated system like tmpwatch. On root installs the subdirectory "condor-lock" or "condor-cron-lock" in /var/lock or /var/run will be preferred. For non-root installs, a the Condor or Condor-Cron log directory will be used if it appears to be a local filesystem.. (VDT ticket 5497) (VDT ticket 5480)
  11. Changed the Fetch-CRL cron job to run every 6 hours, instead of every 24 (VDT ticket 4140)
    For information on configuring Fetch-CRL, see here.
  12. Changed OSG-RSV configuration to prevent possible errors during installation.

Full 2.0.0p5 release notes

Changes from 2.0.0p5 to 2.0.0p6

  1. Gratia Probe fixes:
    • Updated the Gratia probes to 1.04.3c-1. This fixes a problem with the ps-accounting probe. Additionally, there is a fix for the Condor probe to provide more correct DN information in some rare cases. (VDT ticket 5573)
    • Added PyOpenSSL package containing the Python pyOpenSSL module. The latest Gratia probes require this module, which is not standard on all systems. (VDT ticket 5558)
  2. Updated OSG-RSV to 3.0-rc-11. This update includes a script that will fetch the latest version of RSV from the subversion repository correctly.
  3. Bestman has been updated with a feature to create recursive directories when the destination does not have the necessary directory structure. This update also includes syslog-ng/Netlogger bestman integration and the ability to control gridFTP transfer block sizes in srm-copy. (VDT ticket 5567)
  4. Fixed a bug in vdt-control that generated an incorrect permissions check in the environment file for xinetd services. (VDT ticket 5196)
  5. The Python distributed by the VDT has been updated to use the same internal Unicode mode as the Python that is included on our supported platforms. Most installations do not install Python from the VDT, so this will affect few people, but it is necessary for the OpenSSL module change.

Full 2.0.0p6 release notes

Changes from 2.0.0p6 to 2.0.0p7

RSV was updated from a release candidate to 3.0.0. There were only two changes in RSV:

  1. RSV will now fetch probes from the production RSV cache, not the testing RSV cache.
  2. Four RSV probes that were causing problems in testing and are not essential to WLCG availability calculations have been disabled by default. To be precise, these are:
    • cacert-verify-supported-vo-probe
    • classad-valid-probe
    • gums-authorization-validator-probe
    • voms-handshake-verify-probe

Full 2.0.0p7 release notes

Changes from 2.0.0p7 to 2.0.0p8

  1. Updated OSG-RSV to fix a problem that prevented the gratia-consumer from sending RSV records if the python OpenSSL module was not installed on the system. The VDT will automatically install the pyOpenSSL module as of 2.0.0p6, and with this fix, the gratia-consumer can now find it in the environment. (VDT ticket 5653)
  2. Updated Apache to version 2.2.13, which fixes some security issues. (VDT ticket 5639)
  3. Updated Java 1.5 and 1.6 to new versions which include security fixes. (VDT ticket 5644)
  4. Fixed a bug in configure_bestman that prevented it from being run twice.
  5. Updated the Gratia probes to fix a bug that can cause delayed reporting of records (VDT ticket 5695)
  6. Updated the Gratia Services and Reporting packages to 1.04.4. This includes a fix for PBS reporting, and other bug fixes. Most sites do not run a local Gratia collector, so this update will not affect them. (VDT ticket 5675)
  7. Improved robustness when upgrading a VOMS-Server from an older VDT. Upgrade installs should now finish, as opposed to crashing during the pacman install. However, there are some reports from the field (Dan Yocum) that upgrade installs still do not work correctly. We will continue to investigate and make necessary improvements in future releases.
  8. Further reduced the size of vdt-install.log by reducing extraneous logging from vdt-update-certs. (VDT ticket 5605)

Full 2.0.0p8 release notes

Changes from 2.0.0p8 to 2.0.0p9

  1. Updated lcg-utils to 1.6.11-1 to 1.7.6-1. This was critical to CMS's operations. (VDT ticket 5328)
  2. Updated LFC from 1.6.11-4 to 1.7.2-4. This was requested by ATLAS. (VDT ticket 5613)
  3. Patched cURL for a security problem. (VDT ticket 5673) cURL security advisory
  4. Updated the Generic Information Provider from 1.1.3 to 1.1.5 to fix critical bugs. (VDT ticket 5734)
    (GIP 1.1.4 Release Notes)
    (GIP 1.1.5 Release Notes)
  5. Updated OSG-RSV to fix a problem with the Gratia consumer leaving behind zombie processes. This update will require running the RSV subversion script.
  6. Improved the output of the VDT system profiler.
  7. Improved error message when a platform is unsupported. This won't affect existing installations. (VDT ticket 5662)
  8. The VDT updater will save/restore edg-mkgridmap.conf files. (VDT ticket 5609)

Full 2.0.0p9 release notes

Changes from 2.0.0p9 to 2.0.0p10

  1. Fixed lcg-utils to report the correct version number. The last release reported 0.0.0. The version of lcg-utils has not changed.
  2. Updated glexec-osg from 0.6.6 to 0.6.7. This fixes a problem in the glexec monitor that caused failures under heavy load. Due to upstream changes, this also drops support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. It also improves performance when the VDT that glexec is installed in is on NFS and adds the environment wrap and unwrap scripts (VDT ticket 5736)
  3. Updated Java 5 to 1.5.0_21 (VDT ticket 5823)
    Removed the unnecessary Java paths from LD_LIBRARY_PATH (VDT ticket 5633)

Full 2.0.0p10 release notes

Changes from 2.0.0p10 to 2.0.0p11

  1. GUMS has been updated to GUMS 1.3.17. The gums-host-cron script from this version no longer calls configure_gip, which is not needed anymore. In addition:
    • Fixed gums-add-mysql-admin breaking if the user has set up a MySQL password. This update will not affect existing installations. (VDT ticket 5619)
    • Fixed permissions problem on gums.config. This update will not affect existing installations. (VDT ticket 5618)
  2. EDG-Make-Gridmap no longer calls configure_gip anymore.
  3. Tomcat updated to version 5.5.28 to fix security issues. (VDT ticket 5682)
  4. VOMS-Admin from 2.0.14 to 2.0.15. (VDT ticket 5704)
  5. OSG-RSV has been updated to provide updates to the probes and consumers. Notably:
    • The HTML consumer display screen has been improved to provide more information.
    • The HTML consumer will no longer be a long running process, it will now be invoked periodically to update the HTML pages.
  6. Xrootd has been updated to version 20090721-0636 (VDT ticket 5758)
  7. The default configuration for Condor-Cron will set the NETWORK_INTERFACE to the loopback address, which will prevent Condor-Cron from listening on any public interfaces. (VDT ticket 5874)

Full 2.0.0p11 release notes

Changes from 2.0.0p11 to 2.0.0p12

  1. Updated Bestman tools (VDT ticket 6103) (VDT ticket 5888)
  2. Updated Xrootd to 20091028-1003 with XrootdFS 3.0rc3 (VDT ticket 6109)
  3. The vdt-updater script will now be included in all VDT installations.

Full 2.0.0p12 release notes